G0WUY Beacon project

As part of a propagation experiment between myself G7COG and Alex G0WUY we have a 170mW beacon running on 7.040 Mhz sending a morse code ident. As of today 25/4/2014 Alex has recieved 3 confirmed signal reports for the beacon 2 from scotland in the uk and 1 from a swl in Norway using a roberts reciever with a small end fed wire antenna. Any reports or comments can be posted here and all input is greatly appreciated.
Pictures of the tx setup will be posted here in the near future and the rx data logging setup will be documented when its been completed.
Thanks for looking.


4 responses to “G0WUY Beacon project

  1. 21 March 2015. 1400z – 1410z. Receiving 549. some qrm from other stns at times but otherwise perfectly readable. Slight qsb towards end of lsng period. FB for 170 mw!
    QTH: Lincolnshire, east coast JO03CI. GL & 73 = Edd / G3WNQ

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